May 30, 2024 4:15 PM

Standing Committees

* If you are interested in being on any of the following committees please email [email protected].

This committee aims to enhance public education in the Metrocrest area by collaborating with schools and educators. It will establish a premier talent development initiative to secure a high-quality workforce for the future. Additionally, it will assess business community requirements and create tailored workforce programs to fulfill them.

The Committee will work to recruit and retain Chamber members, ensuring a strong return on investment. This involves developing outreach strategies, enhancing programs and services, and actively promoting the Chamber’s initiatives in line with its mission. Key functions include guiding marketing strategies, creating membership policies, reviewing dues, enhancing member orientation, recognizing long-term members, and coordinating the Ambassador Program.

The committee serves as a platform for Metrocrest business professionals to engage with government officials and exchange information vital to local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce. It monitors legislative and regulatory affairs, fostering positive relationships with elected representatives. Additionally, the committee identifies and supports legislative initiatives benefiting Chamber members and the business community, addressing issues like infrastructure, workforce development, education, and quality of life to promote a favorable business environment.

To provide a forum for women to be educated and enriched as they discuss business topics; to provide opportunities for professional women to develop and maintain business relationships with other professional men and women; and to sustain the growth of the Chamber through outreach to non-members. Luncheons are held quarterly with topics relative to women in business.

The committee annually evaluates Metrocrest Chamber events and programs to align with our mission, cater to member needs, and enhance membership value. Members may also contribute to special events and volunteer opportunities.