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SCORE is a non-profit organization of successful business executives who volunteer their knowledge and experience to help others who want to succeed in their business.

There are almost 400 chapters of SCORE in the country, with a history of over 40 years of counseling America’s small businesses.

Any small business can meet with SCORE counselors to get help with starting a small business. SCORE Counselors are also available to assist any existing business who wants to expand, or just need some business advice from another perspective.


SCORE provides FREE, confidential, one hour counseling and mentoring sessions at the Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce office. All clients may return for additional sessions at any time.

SCORE assists the client with preparing, and reviewing a Business Plan that can document the information a client needs prior to applying for a loan, or looking for investors. We also give directions in registering a business and establishing a business structure from a legal standpoint.

SCORE also suggests methods to market the client’s product or service. This is one of the most important steps in starting and operating a successful business.

SCORE also offers FREE legal assistance in reviewing documents such as leases, franchise agreements, partnership agreements, or any other document of a legal nature. Potential SCORE clients owe it to themselves to avail themselves of the valuable services that SCORE offers.

Call the Chamber office at 972-746-5768 to schedule your appointment.


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